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Victory at Haskon

Sisters and Brothers,

Over this past weekend Esterline Technologies improved its severance offer to UE Local 204 members at Haskon in Taunton, MA and then proceeded to threaten these UE members with the loss of their severance pay if the union continued to pursue attempts to stop the auction or negatively affect the company’s ability to get the highest profit for presses and equipment they don’t want.

UE Local 204 has stated to its members from the beginning that it would not jeopardize the severance pay unless there was a certainty of workers getting the presses and equipment. We do not have that certainty.

Therefore, the UE Local 204 executive board voted this afternoon to accept the company’s improved severance offer and to call off the action scheduled for Wednesday, January 19th at Haskon.

We will be issuing a more detailed release later tomorrow but wanted to make sure those supporters planning to participate in the action were made aware of the cancellation. On behalf of UE Local 204 members we want to thank everyone for their support and solidarity. We would not have gotten this far without it.

In Solidarity,

UE Local 204

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Negotiating With a Forked Tongue


The UAW’s recent endorsement of the U.S.-South Korean trade pact illustrates not only the difficulty of navigating the treacherous waters of global trade, but the schizophrenic nature of juggling two contradictory positions—steadfastly refusing to have anything to do with something while, simultaneously, trying to improve it.

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Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

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When the Work Breaks You Down

Why Belong to a Union?


One of the more
compelling reasons for belonging to a union (besides the wages,
benefits, etc.) is the job security it provides.  The following account
of a woman—whom I’ll call “Gloria”—employed at Kimberly-Clark’s
Fullerton paper mill illustrates how important that job protection is.

Gloria worked
as a multifolder console operator in the Folded Products department. 
Her job was to keep the machine loaded with KDFs (knocked-down-flat
cartons), into which an endless stream of freshly made Kleenex was being
stuffed at the rate of 300 cpm (clips per minute).  Gloria worked
non-stop, loading the machine with one 20-pound box of KDFs after
another, lifting them off pallets supplied by a forklift driver. 


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Sylvia S. Bumpus

SOUTH YARMOUTH — Sylvia S. (Breed) Bumpus, of
South Yarmouth, died Saturday, July 10, 2010, at her home in South
Yarmouth surrounded by her loving family.

was the beloved wife of the late Robert E. Bumpus.

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